Rare 1959 F-100: Hot Rod or Restore it?

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Ford F-100

We can’t help but troll around looking for Ford trucks, and this 1959 F-100 is looking like a good candidate for a restoration.

Upon initial inspection, this 1959 Ford F-100, which we spotted on the Hemmings auction site, looks like something that is nearly 100% original. When looking at the description, there are no mentions about major changes. The engine is the original 292ci Y-block, three-on-the-tree manual, and even the original parts and service manuals come with it. However, digging deeper, we start to see that it’s not all that it seems.

It’s not bad, though. It’s just that the color was changed at some point in its life. At one time it was Academy Blue, which you can see hints of in certain parts of the body. However, it’s the door plate that gives its original color away with the code “V” stamped in it. It also reveals that this truck came off the assembly line on the 13th of April. It’s hard to tell, but it does look like this truck was a three-speed when it was made, so looks like it’s mostly the body that’s seen a change.

We started to think about the ways we could go if this was our project. It would be so easy to hot-rod it, take out that 292ci for a 351 or a get the larger 385ci since they aren’t too hard to find. We could go a little crazier and try finding a flathead to install. However, at an asking price of $10,500, it would probably be a better candidate for a restoration.

However, this rare vintage find does have a good number of original parts already installed, including the original Ford Magic Air heater system. Getting the color back to the original Academy Blue, replacing the passenger glass, and doing some reupholstering wouldn’t be a demanding process in total. Doing so could also bring a lot of money at the right auction.

Justin Banner is a regular contributor to LS1Tech and JK Forum, among other auto sites.

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