What Happens If You Hit Your 2015 F-150 with a Sledgehammer?

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The 2015 Ford F-150 has an aluminum body for the first time in history. Ford also tosses around the term “military grade” and claims that the new truck is stronger than the old truck.

They show us videos where they test the strength of the truck. But people are still worried about repair costs and durability. To help answer those questions, independently, Edmunds.com attacked their long-term F-150 with a sledgehammer. Here’s what happened.

Taking a sledgehammer to a brand new truck is enough to make me cringe, but I must say that I’m impressed by the F-150’s┬áresistance to damage. The first hit caused a dent and some wrinkling, but I think it was a lot less than what people would expect.

The second impact, near the first one, also didn’t cause the truck to smash like an aluminum can. Yes, there’s visible damage that’s going to require some work to fix, but overall I think the truck held up well. Don’t you agree?

smash2They chose that particular panel on the F-150 to strike because it’s not an easy replacement like the hood or the door. In theory, they’d have to repair the piece and not have to replace the entire bed. How much will it cost? We’ll find out once they get their estimate from their local Ford dealership.

What do you think it’s going to cost? How well did you think it held up? Sound off in the forums!

Chad Kirchner is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other auto sites.

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