Handsome and Hardworking Ford Trucks from the 1960s

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1960s Ford Trucks 5

In many ways, Ford trucks have changed over the years. Many – not all.

They’ve become more aerodynamic. Their engines have been made more environmentally friendly. Ford trucks have also gotten more luxurious. (Boy have they!)

One thing hasn’t changed about the Blue Oval’s pickups, though. They’ve always been good-looking. Just take a look at the small sample of 1960s models below that some of you have been so passionate and kind to share.

1960s Ford Trucks 3

“Ole Bess” is forum member stand-al0ne‘s 1966 Ford F100. She might’ve been born during the LBJ administration, but she’s still a looker in 2016.

1960s Ford Trucks 2

unilover6163‘s 1963 F100 unibody was originally sold in South Carolina. Years later, it was driven up to Alaska. Now it lives in Canada with unilover6163 and looks right at home.

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Jrob69f100 picked up his 1969 Ford F100 Ranger, then seemed to forget about it for a year. He really didn’t, though. Just call it a long break. Then he got to work, cleaning it and getting it in better condition. It already looks pretty damn good to us.

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