Handcrafted Scale Model Truck is a Masterful Salute to the F-100

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Russian model maker spends a few months crafting a 1957 Ford F-100 RC body out of wood and it’s nearly as cool as the real thing.

Some Ford truck projects are huge in scale, needing many, many parts and tons of time and labor to pull it all together. Other Ford truck projects are smaller, like simple bumper upgrade, a new supercharger install, or a lift kit.

And then, there’s really small. Based in Moscow, RC model builder Luxarsketch spent the past few months crafting a very special 1957 F-100 almost entirely out of wood.

Ford F-100 Wooden RC Truck

“I had the idea of making this truck since 2011,” says Lux in the description of her video. “On August 16th [I] just felt ready to make it real.”

Thus begins her four-month build of one of the coolest RC models ever made. The F-100 begins with two slabs of wood that she cuts, carves, and sands into the familiar shapes we know, all of it done from photos of a 1957 F-100 as a reference.

Ford F-100 Wooden RC Truck

Next come the headlights, which are, like the rest of the body, made of wood. This is followed by the grill, bumper, and hood (footage of which Lux says was lost due to video equipment issues). The whole thing then receives its first coat of white paint, which highlights the intricate details she’s put into her F-100.

Ford F-100 Wooden RC Truck

Lux’s focus then turns to the bed, using foamcore to build the F-100’s inner bed wheel wells, the trio of rectangular bumps on the cab-side of the bed, and other details of the bed and tailgate.

Ford F-100 Wooden RC Truck

After the bed, Lux goes to work on the top section of the F-100’s cab, cutting and gluing sections of wood together with more foamcore and thick cardboard. The headlights gain their “glass” with help from a baseball stamping a bottle cap into plastic, which is lightly scored for extra detail points. The top section is then smoothed-out with putty and painted before attachment.

Ford F-100 Wooden RC Truck

After a few more details are handled, like the painting of the head and tail lights and more foamcore trim pieces, Lux gives her F-100 a coat or two of blue paint over the proper white body panels. The windshield is popped-in, a full interior (with functioning steering wheel and a real houndstooth cloth bench), the lights are installed, and the truck is ready to roll in the Russian snow.

Ford F-100 Wooden RC Truck

Lux did a bang-up job bringing this unique F-100 to life. Now, it can play in the snow with her other RC trucks for a long time to come. And you check this truck and her other works out on her Instagram and Facebook pages, too.

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