This Guy Shot the Hell Out of a Ford F-150 with a .50 Caliber Rifle

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I don’t know about you, but no matter how old I get, how much I learn, how much more “mature” I get, there are still certain base instincts and feelings that will always remain strong. One of those is that breaking and destroying things, for whatever reason, is fun as hell.

Whether it’s shattering a broken light bulb, chopping wood, throwing a rock off a cliff, there’s just some element of enjoyment when you can let loose and wreck something. One of the guys over at Full Mag took that up a notch and used a busted Ford F-150 as a shooting target.

“My truck took a dump on me and it was going to cost WAY more to fix it than it was worth. Lucky for me it checked the “donor” box on it’s registration so expect several videos over the next few months in the name of science :)”

Yeah, science!

The gun of choice is a .50 caliber rifle, and the gunman takes aim right at the F-150’s windshield. Peep the results below:

Via [Full Mag]

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