Guess What This Ford Factory Does with Hundreds of Ostrich Feathers

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When you walk into an old factory that just got a $2.6 million update, you probably wouldn’t expect to see something that looks like a glorified Swiffer. But there it is, a station in the 40-year-old Valencia, Spain Ford Factory fitted with hundreds of feathers.

Interestingly enough,¬†they’re real ostrich feathers, which are excellent dusters. So, yeah, basically fancy Swiffers.

“The whole system is designed to prevent static electricity from causing particles to stick to the vehicle,” Dirk Hoelzer, Ford of Europe’s chief paint engineer, told BBC. “Through their unique construction and durability, ostrich feathers are perfect for picking up and holding tiny particles,” he says.

The cars run through the feathers after the body panels are stamped and welded into a shell. Then the bodies are computer scanned to look for any missed particles and workers hand-finish them. Welcome to 2015.

Via [BBC]

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