Greatest Lincoln Navigator Burnout Ever!

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Nav looks like it’s ready for the junkyard, but it does an insane burnout.

This week’s Tire Smokin’ Tuesday video comes to us from the Mexico Racing League YouTube channel and it features what might be the greatest burnout by a Lincoln Navigator. We were looking to feature something interesting from the Lincoln brand with so many owners on the site, and what we found is pure tire-slaying gold. Mind you, we do understand that this Lincoln Navigator is practically destroyed from front to back, but there is no question that this epic burnout is worth two minutes of your time.

The Machine

The vehicle in action in the video above is a Lincoln Navigator from the first generation, meaning that it is powered by a 5.4-liter Triton V8 with 230 to 260 horsepower depending on the exact model year. As you can see, this SUV has been badly beaten with the ugly stick, with all of the glass removed and graffiti covering every inch of the exterior.

Lincoln Navigator Insane Burnout Start

We don’t know the story on this Lincoln, but it either came out of a junkyard or it has been prepared for a junkyard and it looks like it has been to hell and back, but that doesn’t prevent it from doing a nasty burnout.

The Smoke Show

The video begins with the Lincoln Navigator rolling into the burnout box with the crowd packed around it. Someone shoves a wheel chock under the front tires and almost immediately, the driver hammers the throttle and smoke quickly pours from the rear end.

Lincoln Navigator Burnout End

The Ford V8 engine screams as the rear tires smolder, creating a massive cloud of smoke that envelops the crowd. After more than a minute of abuse, the fireman on hand gives the driver the signal to stop and when the Lincoln backs up, we see why. A large pool of fluid is left in the burnout box as the SUV backs away, so this might have been the last burnout that the Navigator did before heading off into the automotive afterlife.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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