This Grandma is Feisty and Her Ford Hot Rod is Spicy

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Granny 2

Everyone has their secrets, even grandmothers. They don’t like sharing their recipes for fear that someone will copy what took years to perfect. Grandmas also don’t want their kids and grandchildren to know the wild things they did back in the day that they now frown upon younger people doing.

Once you watch the following clip, you’ll see that Carol Compton isn’t your typical grandmother. True, she doesn’t want other 1940 Ford Business Coupe owners to know the exact combination of colors, including cinnamon, that were slathered thickly all over her streamlined, gleaming hot rod lovingly known as “Sweet Pea.”

However, she has no problem with letting the world know she hotwired the family car back in her youth to go cruising around with one of her gal pals. Now she goes on drives in her beautified Blue Oval with her grandchildren in the backseat. /DRIVE also reveals something that would remain a secret unless the hood was raised: Compton’s ’40 Ford is packing a 350-cid Chevy V8.

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