A Government-Issued 1957 Ford F-100 Crew Cab

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We all have dreams. Some men want to walk on the moon. Others aspire to be famous. At least one guy wanted to take a 1957 F-100 crew cab originally used by the California Forestry Service and drive it in three Hot Rod Power Tours across the country.  Because ‘Murica.

This is indeed a legit government-issued crew cab ’57, which in itself is incredibly rare. The truck was saved from the desert years ago and turned into the patina long distance traveler you see before you.  The end result is so cool, you probably won’t care that it’s powered by the 6.0L V8 out of an Escalade.  Just kidding, you’ll kill it in the comment section for sure!


Moving on, the body is 100% original save for a pair of Oldsmobile taillights. The stock frame has been notched fore and aft, and a 9-inch Ford rear sports 3.55 gears for highway cruising has been installed. Disc brakes slow things down up front, but drums still reside in the rear. Interior modifications include a custom Mexican blanket seat cover.

While many might hate on the patina look, or the low stance, and most definitely the GM powertrain, others will find this unique ’57 to be downright cool. And if you don’t like it, feel free to go buy it, yank that motor, and replace it with a proper one. Or just whine about it in the comments.

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