Got Legos? Build Your Own Ford Bronco!

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If Ford won’t build a new Bronco, why don’t you build one yourself? That’s what Paul Kim did after acquiring a ton of Lego shapes and sizes thanks to some online discounts.

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Aside from the excellent Icon Bronco Kim made, he also built a vintage 1956 F-100 pickup and a Model A Roadster that looks pretty boss too.
The tiny Bronco has limited functionality according to its creator, but the doors, hood, tailgate, shocks and a winch all work. Plus, it even has a tire mount. Too cool.


Kim wanted to build a trailer for his pickup but had trouble figuring out the suspension and axle setup. Sounds like he needs a hand from our friends in the forum.

You can see more of Paul Kim’s cool creations on his Flickr page.

Join the Ford fans in the forum.>>

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