Ford-loving Gorilla Steals a 1997 Ranger

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Bongo took the Ranger for a spirited ride through the woods while jamming to The Monkees.

This week’s Throwback Thursday video comes to us from the 90s Commercials YouTube channel and it features an advertisement for the 1997 Ford Ranger. This commercial showcases the questionable playback quality of a VHS tape, but it might one of the most unique commercials we have seen. If nothing else, it has to be the only one where a gorilla steals a truck and goes a joyride in the woods.

The Mighty Ranger

The 1997 Ford Ranger didn’t get the credit for being as off-road-capable as the larger F-150, but as compact pickups from that era went, it could handle its own. Many of the commercials for the Ranger starting with its introduction in the 1980s showcased the smaller Ford pickup flexing its muscles in less-than-ideal driving conditions and this commercial follows those same lines, taking a more humorous approach.

1997 Ford Ranger XLT

Bongo and the Ranger

This classic commercial begins with a large gorilla sitting in a cage in the back of the 1997 Ford Ranger. Two park rangers say goodbye to Bongo, trying to get the massive primate to wave before they walk away. As the humans leave, Bongo goes into a fit of rage, smashing the cage open and escaping into the open world.

Rather than just run off into the woods where he would likely be captured, Bongo jumps into the driver’s seat of the Ranger, puts a CD in the stereo and heads off into the woods. The theme song from “The Monkees” television show begins to play as the escaped animal romps through the wilderness, tearing up the dirt paths and splashing through the water as other animals cheer him on.

As Bongo and the stolen truck race back past the park rangers, he waves, showing that he can leave more than just how to use a CD player and drive a pickup truck.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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