Gorgeous First-Gen Bronco Ready to Flex on the Beach

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First-Gen Bronco

SoCal-based 1973 Bronco kicks sand in the face of its competition, and its Darth Maul-like color scheme makes it even more badass.

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere near a large body of water, it’s time to start thinking about warm days on the beach. And what better way to enjoy a sun-soaked afternoon than in the right vehicle? We’re not talking about your family-hauling SUV or even your daily driver pickup. We’re talking about something with a removable roof, space for your cooler, and with the capability to drive to the perfect spot. Even in high tide. We’re talking about something like this incredibly done first-gen Bronco.

We spotted the airy ride over at The Collector Car Network, where the 1973 Bronco immediately helped us forget the springtime (snow) showers much of the U.S. is currently suffering from. Quite honestly, we can’t think of a more perfect fair-weather cruiser. Sans roof and traditional doors, we can feel the warm breeze caressing our skin as we speak.

First-Gen Bronco

Plus, this ultra clean first-gen Bronco is going to make a statement everywhere it goes. Its perfect body and paintwork are the stars of the show. But there are plenty of other goodies to look at. Including 18-inch Vision Warload wheels wrapped in 35×12.5 Toyo tires and Wild Horse tubular doors. A 50-inch Rigid LED lightbar and a pair of Hella 500s keep the party lit up into the wee hours, too.

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