Gooding & Co Auctioning Genuine Ford GT40 Mk I

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This month Gooding & Company have the honor of auctioning the world famous American racing antique, a mint-condition road-legal 1966 Ford GT40 Mk I. During the early 1960’s, according to legend, while Enzo Ferrari was selling off a financially ailing racing division he said no to a lot of non-Italian investment firms and companies. Ford Motor Company tried for acquisition too and was denied which in-turn became bitter. Italy awoke a sleeping giant. Ford’s mission was set to beat Ferrari.

The plan was to prove Ford the most powerful international auto manufacturer. This challenge was Ford’s moon shot project. It became Ford’s most heroic time winning four consecutive Le Mans victories with the GT40. Annihilating Ferrari and solidifying names in racing and passenger car industry like Lee Iacocca, Carol Shelby, Bob Bondurant and Henry Ford II. This original GT40 Mk I is one of most important Ford designs ever. Plus it holds the most significance for their pro racing campaigns, this perfectly suits your collection as a flagship.

Gooding & Company has fully documented this GT40’s original equipment, past owners, mileage, maintenance and customizations. Have a look here on their website. Chassis number 1065 looks like it has been well-treated, driven-lightly and mostly displayed as a showroom vehicle from the brief overview of the info. Over the years the colors changed and it’s been doctored although recently it has been authentically rehabilitated to proper-era specifications with the original paint color. A quality inspection by GT40 specialist Ronnie Spain is presented in a 23-page booklet provided by G&C.

This is one of the last remaining 31 original GT40 Mk I still drivable and on our American shores. Keep it on our shores as an American icon on our roads. Starting bid is right above $1.2 million which I think is a bit low just for its racing history prowess not even weighing in its “must-have” factor by the baby-boomer generation who will be the majority of the bidders. Imagine you could have an original GT40 next to your modern Ford GT. Happy bidding!

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