Good Skid Plate Options for a Ford F-150

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Ford F-150

Skid plates are an essential piece of kit for avid off-roaders. But are FX4 pieces the way to go, or are there better options in the aftermarket?

If you do any sort of off-roading, you’ve undoubtedly done some shopping for various parts designed to protect your Ford F-150. One of the most popular, of course, are skid plates. Designed to protect the underbelly of your pickup from the wrath of rocks, skid plates are a must for any truck that ventures off paved roads. Which, of course, is why you can get them from the factory with the FX4 package. But as danimal300 from our brother site F-150 Forum wondered recently, is that really the best way to go?

“I am looking at getting skid plates for an ’04 Ford F-150. It has nothing protecting the oil pan, transmission or transfer case. I am thinking of looking for an FX4 in a junk yard, but I don’t really know what skid plates they came with stock. And I can’t find anything aftermarket that looks like it would fit the truck. If nothing else, I guess I could just get some plate steel and fab up some on my own. Can anyone post some pics of their stock FX4 skid plates on an ’04 – ’08, or some pics of aftermarket ones that worked?”

Ford F-150

It didn’t take long before some quality suggestions started pouring in.

“RCI Metalworks makes quality aftermarket skids,” said gdom.

STingray1300 seconds that notion.

“My truck is not lifted (2″ level only). And I bet I take my truck places that most would be scared to take their trucks. I have full RCI skids. And they’ve done their job a few times.”

But it isn’t that simple, apparently. Another member points out that RCI no longer makes skid plates for the ’04-’06 F-150. And plates for other models are so popular that the company is having a hard time keeping up with demand. Making matters worse, others, like the ones from ProComp, only work with lifted trucks.

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