Good Memories: Kevin Vitek’s 1967 Ford Bronco

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Back when many of us were still in high school, we had that friend that had the cool car. The one everyone wanted to ride in or the truck that was great for getting to that spot to, well, whatever you happened to partake in when the adults were away. When Kevin Vitek found this 1967 Ford Bronco to take on as a project, it brought back those memories.

Warren Kulo interviewed Kevin and asked why the Bronco. His response was, “I had a good buddy in high school who had one just like it. We did everything in that truck – hunting, fishing, going to the beach. We went everywhere in it.”

It was also in need of restoration when he found it in 1995 but after a body off restoration and some modern features, it was ready. One particular function he’s quite proud of is the hydraulic system that opens the hood and grille together. Quite the awesome feature that lets you get to the engine rather easily. “It’s definitely an eye-catching feature,” Kevin quoted.

Other features include a modern radio system and retro gauges. The rear seats in the pickup bed face the rear with a pair of speakers located just before the tailgate.

Check out a video of the hood in action here!

Justin Banner is a regular contributor to LS1Tech and JK Forum, among other auto sites.

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