2017 Raptor’s Glowing Reviews Continue to Roll In

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2017 Raptor Review

Portland Press Herald‘s review leaves us with little reason not to buy one.

If you covet one, the immense wave of positive 2017 Raptor reviews aren’t exactly helping keep you away from the dealership. After all, we have yet to see any review of the Raptor with more than one or two nitpicky complaints. For the most part, every single person who’s driven one has fallen completely and madly in love with it. Including us.

But if you’re still on the fence about buying a 2017 Raptor, here’s more proof that you should take the plunge. Portland Press Herald got their mitts on the do-it-all truck and obviously loved it. PPH rightfully points out that most of the goodness coming from the Raptor is the result of its impressive weight loss and power gain.

Take any vehicle, remove 500 pounds and add 39 hp and 76 lb-ft of torque, and it’s obviously going to be better. But Ford also went the extra mile to make the new Raptor something extra special. With a boatload of technology and a suspension worthy of Baja racing, you might expect this truck to present compromises, however. After all, most purpose built vehicles do.

At 60 miles an hour, on a dirt road, over ruts, the Raptor was Cadillac-comfy, as quiet and restrained as it was on the highway.


But the Raptor bucks that trend and laughs in the face of convention. Even with an off road suspension and meaty tires, PPH comes away impressed with its ride quality and highway manners. The Raptor handles good and even parallel parks easily. And of course provides a smooth and rather comfy ride even while blasting down bumpy dirt roads.

“At 60 miles an hour, on a dirt road, over washboard and ruts left by recent rains, the Raptor was Cadillac-comfy, as quiet and restrained as it had been at the same speed on the highway,” says PPH‘s review.

That doesn’t mean that PPH couldn’t find any faults with the Raptor, of course. Their complaints consist of having only one engine choice and the lack of a long bed option(?). But we’re pretty sure that’s not going to be a dealbreaker for anybody interested in buying a Raptor. So if you read this hoping we were going to talk you out of it, our apologies go out to your bank account.

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