Street-Legal Ford F-350 Conquers the Land of Ice and Snow

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Lifted F-350 monster hits Iceland like a hammer of the gods.

What is the coolest thing you can do off-road with a super lifted Ford F-350? After watching this video we’ve decided: Take the biggest, baddest street legal truck and ride that baby through crazy snowy terrain and glaciers in Iceland.

F-350 Off-Roading in Iceland

This video from 4×4 Luxury Travel takes us in the land of Vikings and lets these trucks go wild. Lifted with 54 inch tires, these mini-monster trucks go up and down icy inclines and snowy hills; surge through snow drifts and icy pits of water; and the trucks tackle it all with intense power and torque as they roaring along. This is a cool and beautiful place to explore, and really test the power of these trucks. It’s not surprise, these beasts have come to play, and they perform exceptionally.

F-350 Off-Roading in Iceland

The video shows drivers going out day and night in this vast snowy ground, and includes many shots from the POV of the drivers. Rarely do we come across off-roading action like this with the combination of the extreme wintry conditions and the jacked-up utes rip-roaring through it all with power, force, and fury. And yes, it looks so fun.

F-350 Off-Roading in Iceland

If you’re looking for something even more extreme, 4×4 Luxury Travel also offers tours that take the F-350 out on a volcano, glacier, or the Icelandic coast line. It’s a perfect combo of an amazing location and the toughest truck to take you there.

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