Alien with X-Ray Vision Checks Out the Ford Ranger: Throwback Thursday

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Night Court star Richard Moll is the perfect person to play a tall, odd alien who loves the Ford Ranger.

This week’s “Throwback Thursday” video comes to us from the After These Messages 18 YouTube channel and it features a commercial for the first generation Ford Ranger. Helping to highlight the key features of the compact pickup is a tall alien dressed in a ridiculous yellow suit, played by Night Court actor Richard Moll. Moll played an odd individual on television, so this commercial role seems like it was written specifically for him.

Ranger in X-Ray Vision

The commercial begins with the yellow suit-clad stranger standing in the middle of a street when a then-new Ford Ranger rolls up. Using some sort of odd telepathic power that presents itself as yellow rings of light energy, the alien stops the truck in its tracks. He approaches the driver and explains that he wanted to check out the guy’s truck.

Moll Ranger Commercial 1

Using his mysterious powers, he makes the hood temporarily disappear, allowing onlookers to see the fuel injected four-cylinder engine. Next, he moves to the side where he makes the driver’s door vanish, revealing the roomy cab of the compact Ranger. Finally, the stranger moves to the rear of the truck, where he uses his magical powers to lift a 1,765-pound payload out of the bed of the Ford truck.

The video ends with the stranger finally introducing himself to the owner of the Ford Ranger, claiming to be from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but his name is hard to decipher.

Ranger Moll Commercial 2

Odd Commercial with Star Power

By today’s standards, this Ranger commercial is very odd, especially if you aren’t familiar with Moll. However, when this commercial would have aired back in the 1980s, Moll was a popular celebrity, serving as a stone-faced funny guy on the courtroom-based comedy. While odd today, this was likely a fun, popular commercial when it was new, so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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