Get Your Valentine This Iced-Out Ford Escape

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Fellas, if you still don’t have a Valentine’s Day gift for that special lady in your life, I’m here to help. Trust me. I’m a single automotive writer who works in his pajamas, so I know romance.

Don’t waste your shekels on dinner at her favorite restaurant or a gift that she only once casually mentioned she’d love to have. Don’t bother creating a thoughtful, handmade reminder of your affection for her and the bond you two share.

Show her you have taste and financial restraint. Get her this diamond- and Swarovski crystal-covered Ford Kuga (what the Escape is called in England, where this panty-dropper is being offered for sale).


For only £1 million (about $1.53 million)*, Jennings FordDirect will give take a Kuga (or another vehicle) and encrust it with a “blend of over 1 million diamonds and Swarovski crystals.”

Not only will your wife or girlfriend love it, but she’ll make her “friends and family envious” when she drives it.

She knows they’ve always wanted to tool around town in a glitzy theft target new SUV. Your buddies will be jealous because this baby is scratch-resistant and easy to keep clean.

The best part? You can finance this ticket to Lucky Town for as little as $33,642 a month* after a $152,920 deposit*. You’re welcome.

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via [Jennings FordDirect]

* excludes vehicle price

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