Get Shorty: 1968 Ford Ranger Build

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FTE Build

People pursue builds for a great variety of different reasons. Whether the purpose is to get the ride running again, modify it to perfection, or flip it for some extra dough, all builds deserve admiration.

After all, it often is not an easy task to take a ride and change it into something new, regardless of whether or not that change is big or small. After all, everyone is at a different skill level, has different tools, and expresses different interests. Really, wrenching on a ride is a wonderful thing in any situation!

Today we’ll be looking at a build that FTE member Uni Moe has taken on.¬†Originally, Uni Moe was looking for a truck with a short box, but ended up stumbling across this outstanding 1968 Ford Ranger long bed. While not exactly what he wanted, it is certainly a wonderful find anyway! Now he has taken on a new project to make it perfect — shortening the box himself!

Go check out Uni Moe’s build thread and show your support!

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