Get Funky Fresh with This 1962 Ford Station Bus

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The Ford Econoline has a hilariously diverse back story. It’s based on the Ford Falcon car. According to the book Ford Transit: Fifty Years, the original sketch was dated 1957, but the first model came out as a ’61 in ’60. It had a cargo version, but the passenger version wasn’t just called a van, it was called a “Station Bus,” like the one you see here. There was also a pickup. Then in ’62 the Station Bus was reclassified as a passenger car and offered as part of the Falcon line. WEIRD.

Anyway, you can own some of that wacky history by buying this sweet flat-faced “Skymist Blue” goblin that’s currently up for sale in New Hampshire. It’s running on a 170 cubic-inch inline-six that has a three-speed tree. Some major pieces that have been recently worked on are the radiator, a custom exhaust radiator, the master brake cylinder, and rear shocks. It also comes with some extra parts like the gas tank, manifold, and some wiring.

Asking price is $6,400.

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