You Can’t Lick These Old-School Ford F-Series Stamps

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It’s always a nice, fitting pair when old things are put on stamps, a now antiquated form of sending words. It’s even nicer when those old things are beautiful old trucks like this 1948 Ford F-1, 1965 Ford F-100, 1938 International Harvester D-2, and 1953 Chevrolet pickup.

These specific trucks were chosen for the forever stamps for their unique features and looks. The D-2 for its barrel grille, the Chevy for its bulging grille and six-cylinder engine, the F-1 for its snouty face and “Million Dollar Cab,” which was literally advertised as “living room comfort with three-way air control and coach-type seats” back in the day. Then the F-100 had a “Twin-I-Beam” independent front suspension and that blocky grille. All were cool in their own right.

And now, thanks to the USPS, you snail mail can be that cool too. The illustrations were done by Chris Lyons.

[Via Truck Trend]

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