Gas Monkey 1952 Ford F1 Is One Giant Rat

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Nothing stirs up controversy like a slammed, convertible, Caddy-powered 1952 Ford F1 built by Richard Rawlings.

When you bring up the subject of Gas Monkey Garage and its free-wheelin’ mastermind Richard Rawlings, you’re bound to stir up some emotions. The man himself and the builds he oversees always evoke a love it or hate it reaction. Especially the man. But whether you’re a Fast N’ Loud fan or hater, you can’t deny the fact that Rawlings has become a star thanks to his shenanigans. And builds like this wild 1952 Ford F1.

1952 Ford F1

The rat rodded ride is every bit as abrasive and ridiculously loud as the man behind it. And more than like, it’ll also evoke the same kinds of negative emotions. But let’s take a look at the good stuff first. That patina coated exterior holds some undeniable charm. Pinstriping and faux door logos add to the vintage look, as do the wide whites and steelies with hubcaps. And the purposely misspelled lettering? Pretty hilarious.

1952 Ford F1

Now, on to the controversy. Air ride sits the whole thing on the ground, yet it’s adjustable. And comfy. Then there’s the missing roof. We’re not really sure what would provoke anyone to chop the top off a vintage Ford truck. But at least the whole thing rides on a TCI frame to compensate for that lack of structural rigidity. Yet, it does bring your attention the Mexican blanket covered seats, which is a nice touch.

1952 Ford F1

But the real elephant (monkey?) in the room is what lies under the hood – a 500ci Caddy motor. Now, obviously, we’re not fans of non-Ford powered Fords. But for you young whippersnappers, there was a thing called hot rodding back in the day. And lots of guys put Cadillac motors in Fords back then. So if you’re going for a period hot rod, it at least makes a little sense. Ah heck, who are we kidding? Go ahead and hate away on this ratty 1952 Ford F1. (or love it, we won’t tell!).

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