Ganassi-Ford GT Racing Go with V8 Proven Power

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Team Ford-Chip Ganassi announced on April 1st their sights on making podium this season with Ford’s turbo V6 GT. Reliability issues have led them back to V8s. The Ganassi team haven’t brought harmony of reliability and performance to Ford’s EcoBoost V6 power plant. We can be assured the addition of the reliable, muscular, mastered Ford V8 is sure to stir up commotion during the next race. Ford racing joke? Maybe Ford should think about the V8 for racing.

Ford’s new EcoBoost engineering and technology is world-class. Winning formulas however, jestingly, hasn’t been experienced in the modern age in their design studios, assembly lines or racing programs. Yes, Ford has been using forced-induction before introducing computers however meeting CAFE standards and supporting a racing divisions spreads them thin. Sometimes you go back to what you know works to get back to the top of podium. It would be a smart decision to pursue a racing campaign with Ford V8s as they have a successful history and lots of experience.

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HotRod  “got in touch” with Ford’s Raj Nair who heads up Global Product Development and is Chief Technical Officer. Raj said in so many words it wasn’t their EcoBoost engine but their outsourced Ricardo transmission that was troubling. Raj further states the V8 engine is better for the engineers, technicians and drivers in their racing division.

If you haven’t guessed by now, HotRod didn’t expand on this and just made up the entire story for April Fools.

Good one, right?

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