A Giant Gallery of 2017 Ford Super Duty Photos

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A lot of automobiles make their debuts in places such as Geneva or Los Angeles, cities where it’s common to see high-horsepower predecessors to the latest Ferrari or Pagani zooming around. Dallas has its own auto show, but it’s not a city in which major world unveilings take place – unless you’re talking about trucks. Newsflash: Pickups are huge in Texas. That’s why Ford chose D-Town and its 2015 state fair as the stage on which to showcase its all-new 2017 line of Super Duty trucks.

I recently got a preview of one of the brawny aluminum-bodied beasts of burden at a nearby events space, then had a chance to see a variety of Super Dutys at the media day for the State Fair of Texas. You can see them, too. Just check out the gallery below.

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