Is This The Future of Pickup Truck Motoring?

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When browsing on Facebook earlier, I noticed one of my favorite pages posted a picture that was quite interesting. Of course at first I was appalled, but after looking it and I think it might be the most-brilliant idea ever, and isn’t that far-fetched as a future for pickup trucks.

The photo, submitted to Left Lane Prius — which you should all go like right now — by Russell Moorhouse shows an abomination of a Prius. They’ve converted their sedan into a small pickup truck, in the style of an El Camino or something. The person owns a sign company, and clearly finds this conversion quite useful for carrying supplies to the job site.

While I’m by no means suggesting that all pickup trucks are going to be unibody hybrids in the future, unibodies do make sense for midsize — and smaller — pickup trucks. Honda is currently using a unibody for their Ridgeline, and getting rave reviews from people who don’t need a pickup truck that can move a house. Ram has even said that to get the really small trucks that people want, unibody might be the way to go.

Think of the benefits, though! This person is getting Prius fuel economy while having easy access to all the tools and supplies they need to work. If they’re traveling from job site to job site, this is going to be more cost-effective than a Colorado or Tacoma.

Let’s face it, there are tons of people out there who want the utility of a pickup truck bed without the capability to pull 32,500 pounds. This Prius might just be the wave of the future. Is it something you’d like to see Ford do?

Or, is it just a completely crazy idea that’d never sell?

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via [Left Lane Prius]

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