Funny Video Shows How Picky Motion-Activated Liftgates Can Be

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Even though the trouble with this Ford Explorer’s liftgate is staged and exaggerated, it does have a bit of truth to it.

As time goes on, automotive engineers continue to find new ways to make the lives of vehicle owners easier. You longer need to take your keys out of your pocket to unlock or start your car. Paper maps have been replaced by GPS. Placing a call on the move is as easy as pressing a button on the steering wheel and telling your Bluetooth system who you want to call. A few years ago, the motion-activated liftgate started appearing on vehicles, allowing users whose arms were full of groceries to open the back of their crossovers and SUVs with just a motion of one of their feet.

However, like any technology, the motion-activated liftgate can be a bit frustrating at times. Just take a look at the above video from ViralHog. It shows a man with both hands full of bags he needs to throw into the back of a Ford Explorer Sport. To save himself the hassle of putting all of his cargo down, opening the liftgate manually, then re-filling his hands with the bags, he waves his right foot under the Explorer’s rear bumper. Nothing happens. He continues to motion under the bumper without success. He then decides to slide belly-down under the back of the SUV in hopes of triggering the convenience feature. The hatch finally opens. Before he’s able to fill the cargo hold with his bags of burden, the liftgate closes. After crawling under the Explorer once more and opening the back door, he resorts to lifting his stuff off of the ground piece by piece and putting it in the back of the Explorer. Ford Explorer Motion-Activated Liftgate Humor

The footage is obviously exaggerated and you can hear the camera operator clicking the key fob remote at the right times to open and close the liftgate for comedic effect, but it’s not completely in the realm of fiction. We’ve had our share of troubles with picky motion-activated liftgates from a variety of manufacturers that have left us feeling silly and onlookers amused. Good thing they weren’t recording on their phones while they chuckled at our ineffective air kicks.

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