Looking for a ‘Funkmaster Flex’ Ford Expedition?

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The good old days when gas and credit were cheap, and Funkmaster Flex was on MTV.

Those of us that fall on the older side of the “millennial” label have a different relationship with MTV than our older, Generation X cohorts. While they pine for the days when MTV played music videos, older Millennials long for a time when the network was focused on showing us the lives of the rich and famous, instead of focusing on identity politics.

Shows like MTV Cribs, Rob & Big, and Pimp My Ride were in near-constant rotation until the 2008 economic recession. Almost overnight, daydreams of giant mansions and custom cars owned by rockstars and pro skateboarders became passe.

Back when such shows were still popular, Ford decided to capitalize on the success of “Pimp My Ride” and “Ride With Funkmaster Flex”by having Funkmaster Flex himself customize a Ford Expedition. The result was the “Funkmaster Flex Edition Ford Expedition,” the first (and only) in a planned series of collaborations between Ford and the hip-hop DJ.

All 650 examples were two-wheel-drive, short-wheelbase models, and all were decorated with a red and black motif inside and out. Funkmaster Flex’s FMF logo was prominently displayed everywhere, from decals and badging to headrest embroidery.

Aside from the two-tone paint and trim, each example features the serialized production number on the center console, along with Funkmaster Flex’s facsimile autograph. There’s nothing special of note under the hood, but even the wheels are parts-bin Expedition stuff, although the large chrome six-spokes complement the paint job nicely.

This example – #488 – has a scant 46,000 miles on the odometer, and is offered for sale on eBay by Texas vehicle Exchange. The paint and interior look to be in good shape, but we’re not sure if Funkmaster Flex’s involvement warrants the $20,900 Buy it Now price.

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