Ford F-150 versus Taurus Demo Derby Smackdown

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This week’s video features a customized Ford F-150 going head to head with a 1st gen Ford Taurus in an impromptu demolition derby grudge match. We don’t know anything about either of these vehicles, but it is safe to assume that the people responsible for the video don’t care much about the condition of the F-150 and they don’t care at all about the condition of the Taurus.

Really, in the grand scheme of things, this demolition derby between the F-150 and the Taurus are really just two guys driving around in the grass, smashing into each other over and over. It seems that the two drivers aren’t all that interested in doing major damage to either vehicle, as the F-150 passes up several chances to really slam the sedan, but it is still fun watching the Ford truck beat up the Taurus.


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