Fully Refreshed Ford F-350 Focuses on the Long Haul: Marketplace Finds

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1999 Ford F-350

Most builds aim to increase performance or enhance appearances. But this F-350 is just built to run forever.

Modified trucks are everywhere these days, helping buoy a multi-billion dollar aftermarket industry. And that’s obviously a good thing for us enthusiasts, who have an endless array of performance, comfort, and appearance upgrades to choose from. Even if you live in a place with stringent emissions laws or are more concerned with reliability, that doesn’t mean you can’t mod your truck. It just means you do it in a different way.

This particular 1999 Ford F-350, currently up for grabs in the FTE Marketplace, has lived its life in sunny California, which means that the owner couldn’t exactly cut off his cats or do an EGR delete. So instead, the seller focused on making it more functional and reliable while also keeping it legal. The parts list on this F-350 is still quite long, it just looks a little different than your average build.

1999 Ford F-350

There’s a new Ranch Hand bumper for cattle pushing, and Warn hubs for off-road toughness. The turbo and turbo pedestal have received a rebuild, so they’re good to go for many more miles. New Bilstein shocks and Cooper ATS tires help smooth out the ride a bit. The seller has also added a 4″ downpipe and exhaust. So you can bet this diesel sounds as good as it runs.

1999 Ford F-350

Pretty much every other maintenance item you can think of has been performed as well. Things like glow plugs, o-rings, sensors, water pump, coolant flush, etc. There’s no rust on the body (thanks California!), but there are a few minor dings here and there. But if you’re looking for a well-maintained F-350 workhorse that’s been built to run another few hundred thousand miles, that doesn’t really matter, does it?

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