Full-Size or Mid-Size: Which Bronco Do You Want?

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We have Bronco fever, and you do, too! With the rumors and speculation swirling about a new Bronco in the works, we received some feedback from you all about what you want to see out of the new truck. If you had a choice, though (and while Ford does read this forum, let’s assume you won’t actually have a choice), which type of Bronco would you want?

The most logical option is a Bronco based off the new Ranger, which would qualify as mid-size vehicle. It’s the most logical options because the rumors are the Bronco will be built in Michigan alongside the Ranger, and they’d then have to share the same underpinnings.

Our man Joesph Yoon rendered some of our new Bronco renderings, and those are based off the full-size 2017 Ford Super Duty. We have to admit, it looks pretty good in that configuration.

What say you, dear readers? Would you want a Bronco based off the Ranger, or one like in our renderings based off the Super Duty?

Let us know over in the forums!

Bronco rendering by Joseph Yoon.

Chad Kirchner is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other auto sites.

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