FTE Thread o’ the Week: So, What Did You Do to Your 6.0L Today?

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‘Maintenance in the winter outside can be real disheartening,’ says one FTE forum member who bravely battled the cold to treat his Ford truck right! 

Dealing with temperamental winter weather and having to keep up with routine maintenance are two things few people look forward to, unless you’re the Abominable Snowman or a well-paid mechanic. However, sometimes these things are all about the approach you take.

Sure, enduring six months of winter storms and a wind chill factor that rivals that on Hoth can kind of suck if you don’t have something to take your mind off of it. And dealing with routine maintenance is only “work” if that maintenance is for something you really could care less about, like having to remember to replace that stupid filter in your Brita pitcher every few months.

But, what if you looked at the bright side by realizing that this is the ideal time to start working on your favorite Ford truck, whether it’s wiping off all that pesky salt from the road and giving your F-150 a good wash and wax, or maybe installing those extra backup lights you had sitting in your garage for the past year? Now’s the time to get busy and beat the winter blues with some fun, interesting Ford truck projects.

And if you’re in need of some good ideas to spark that project, check out the inspiring Ford Truck Enthusiasts forum thread below that so far has been viewed by over a million fellow Ford fans.

Ford truck

FTE forum Member: Piolet

Topic: So, what did you do to your 6.0L today?

Thread Link: https://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/1146743-so-what-did-you-do-to-your-6-0l-today.html

Summary: Thread starter Piolet shares his exuberant experience of how he beat the winter blues by shifting his focus away from the “freaking COLD weather” and setting it on getting  his favorite Ford truck in order.

“So, today I did oil and filter change, fuel filters, tranny filter with 8 qrt fluid swap and transfer case fluid change,” Piolet wrote in 2012, when he started the FTE thread. Now, that thread has reached over a million fellow Ford truck enthusiasts and was added to as recently as today.

Ford truck

“You guys down in the warmer states might not appreciate this, but getting to work on the truck in the mid-60s with the sun shining was heaven,” he added before inviting fellow forum members to share similar experiences. That kicked-off a seven-year thread that’s still causing a buzz in the rooms with members sharing stories, photos and videos that detail everything from oil changes and hand glazing to washing, waxing, wiring and installing backup lights on a Ford F-150 truck.

Ford truck

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