FTE Member Rescues a Highboy, Becomes a Hero

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The story of this Ford-loving family chasing down and finding a long lost 1972 F-250 Highboy will inspire you.

As with many other interests and hobbies, developing an affinity for Ford trucks happens in different ways for different people. For a lot of us, the love for these trucks is passed down through generations. Chances are your father or grandfather owned at least one Ford pickup, though most likely more than one. As a result, you got to ride in it, watch your forefathers work on it, and maybe even own it.

The deep bond forged over family trips and late night wrenching sessions sticks with us forever. When our loved ones are no longer around, these trucks serve as reminders of them and the time they shared with us. It’s why some people never part with their trucks, and why others search the world for the ones they once owned.

Such is the case of Ford Truck Enthusiasts member F2501972, or as he’s otherwise known, Shawn. A little over three years ago Shawn set out to find the 1972 F-250 Highboy his grandfather once purchased. Armed with nothing more than a VIN and an old license plate number, he started a thread in the FTE forums asking for help.

Shortly thereafter he was able to track down the Highboy. It had been sitting for 10 years, but it still ran! The original air conditioning system and motor were gone, and a utility box replaced the original pickup bed. The Highboy needed a ton of work, but it was nothing a grandson wasn’t willing to do to relive priceless childhood memories.


In late 2016 Shawn started a new build thread to document the truck’s progress. He was able to locate a replacement bed quickly, as well as a full list of part numbers from fellow FTE members, and he’s quite appreciative for the outpouring of support. “This site and the people here are a big help. So thanks!!!”


As it is with most projects, problems kept popping up here and there. The cab mounts, inner fenders, and core support all looked pretty bad. Then it was the rear differential, axles, and suspension. Piece by piece, Shawn was going through the old Highboy and making her road-worthy once again.

To date, he’s done a ton of work on the truck but there’s still a long way to go. The entire FTE community has played a vital part in helping move things along. It’s a testament to the caliber of folks we have here in the forums. As a benefit of their help and Shawn’s dedication, we get to enjoy cool stories like this one.

Be sure and join in on the conversation in Shawn’s build thread. Whether you simply cheer him on or chime in with some advice, it’s always greatly appreciated!

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Brett Foote is a longtime contributor to Internet Brands’ Auto sites, including Chevrolet Forum, Rennlist, and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other sites.

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