FTE Forum Post of the Week: The Ultimate Ford Super Duty Picture Thread

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Thread Starter: The Metal Panda

Topic: The Ultimate Ford Super Duty Picture Thread

Notes from The Metal Panda: Alright people, there’s the lifted thread, there’s the “working” thread, the scenic thread, and whatever else kinda thread out there for pictures. No one likes roaming around for pictures of trucks and jumping from thread to thread. They want one thread, and a ton of badass trucks. Let’s just make this thread about your truck. Stock or not. Showcase your pride and joy here. List you mods if you’d like, your future plans, give input, advice, ask questions, do whatever you want. This’ll be the ultimate Super Duty picture thread…

And, of course, The Metal Panda kicked off the Ultimate Ford Super Duty Picture Thread with a sweet pic of his own badass Ford truck…

LSchicago2¬†shared some pix of his 2009 F-550 Lariat 4×4 (below), which we think should get a “D” — for dayum, that’s one %$#@! badass F-550!!!

“Traded in my ’13 F-250 SCREW for a ’13 SCAB DRW,” writes FTE forum member stephen.osborne1, who shared the pic below. “Needed a one ton and long bed for our camper. Need some nicer Alcoa rims… Nothing too blingy, just nicer…”

stephen.osborne1 went one step further and shared this gem below, too!

“Here’s my pride and joy, 2001 350, 7.3, Banks exhaust, chip, trans command, gauges, and 104K miles,” writes lllateralus.

“My ’05 in Acadia in Maine this past summer,” posted 87crewdually in January.

FTE Senior User forum member Deerfield411 didn’t even need to write one word; his photos said it all!

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