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Super Duty

You won’t find any filler in this thread. Just pics and mods lists for a bunch of awesome Super Duty builds.

Without question, one of our favorite things to do is peruse the many modified pickups here in the Ford Truck Enthusiasts forums. It’s there that we gather inspiration and ideas for our own trucks, after all. But many “show off” threads tend to get bogged down and filled with unrelated banter. So Chuck-B decided to create his own Super Duty mod thread with a series of rules.

“I thought that we ought to have a thread about what we have done to our trucks. This isn’t about commenting about someone else’s modification. Or about endorsing a modification or warning folks not to make a particular modification. If you want to do that, shoot the person a PM or start another thread. This is just to boast a bit about your truck and what you’ve done to it. 

x) Each owner gets 1 post for each of their trucks.
x) If you add something new, don’t make a new post. Edit your existing post.
x) If you remove something, same deal, don’t make a new post. Edit your existing post and delete the line.
x) No comments about what you did or how you did it. Just a simple list.
x) No asking questions, how someone did something, links to the product, etc. Use the PMs or start another thread.”

Sounds interesting if you ask us. And it isn’t long before a slew of Super Duty owners jump on the bandwagon, including jimmyv13.

“Superbrightled 30” slim bar

Other mods:
Truxedo Deuce 2 tonneau cover
Airlift Loadlifter 5000 Ultimate airbags
Tinted windshield
Clear cab light covers
Clear mirror LED lights”

Super Duty

Of course, no Super Duty thread would be complete without BioBurner‘s incredible 6-door project.

The cab:
Front half from a Crew Cab Lariat with sunroof, cut in the middle of the back door opening.
Back half from a Crew Cab, cut in the middle of the front door opening.
The front and middle row seats are heated tan leather 40/20/40.
The back row is a tan leather bench.
08+ heated power mirrors.
Power windows/locks on all 6 doors.

The frame:
2010 Crew Cab short bed Z-cut in the middle under the back row. 25.5″ added in, seamed, dressed down, fish plates covering the welds. And finally, 6′ long 1/4″ plates bent into C-channel welded into the original frame to “box” the portion under the cab.


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