2020 Ford Bronco: FTE Debates What It’ll Look Like: What’s Up in the Forums

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2020 Ford Bronco

Will the 2020 Ford Bronco really be just a slightly restyled Everest with removable body panels?

If it feels like we’ve been waiting years to find out what the 2020 Ford Bronco will actually look like, it’s because we have. Well, maybe about a year and a half officially, but still. Ford has done essentially nothing to quench that insatiable thirst aside from giving us a major tease. And as always, the internet has attempted to fill in the gaps with wildly varying renderings. Here at Ford Truck Enthusiasts, we’ve done the same. But in the forums, our members have been debating this topic for months.

It all started when member Conanski posted a pic of the Ford Everest, concluding that the 2020 Ford Bronco is going to be nothing more than a rebadge of the foreign ‘ute. Even though Ford has said that it won’t be.

“OK I’m gonna call it. This is what the new Bronco will be, more or less. Not counting on a facelift for the 2020 season.”

Ford Everest

Although to be fair, YoGeorge points out that the Everest isn’t exactly your average crossover.

“Not too many cookie cutter 4WD SUVs in that size range with separate body/frame construction and true off-road cred. I can count the 4Runner on 1 finger. Worrying about vehicle looks and not function is something I’ve gotten over as I get older.

Front clip will likely be more like the Ranger with the solid bumper. And I’m guessing the new Bronco will have some additional styling cues (maybe even a removable roof panel). It will be based on the Everest as we’ve known all along. But you ain’t gonna do this in a new Explorer (and note the lack of serious tires on the Everest).”

Many others disagree, of course, and want their 2020 Ford Bronco to look the part as well. That includes SDDL-UP.

“Was it Ford that mentioned ‘Wrangler competitor?’ If it was and the above Everest is their perceived solution, then FoMoCo is doing damage to their company. What I am seeing is NOT a competitor to the Wrangler. To state that it is shows they don’t understand the market. Ford Motor Company should know better, and I really hope they do! They flat cleaned house a couple of months ago and I really don’t know what that means. But I hope they continue to make trucks and cars that BUILD THE BRAND!”

And maybe, as 2.7EcoBoost points out, there isn’t much of a market for the traditional Bronco we want, anyway.

“It’s almost like Ford generated all this hype and excitement of the Bronco nameplate without thinking it through. The Wrangler, particularly the Unlimited, has found a niche. Status symbol or whatever you want to call it with people 40 and up. The same group who made the Wrangler popular in the ’80s and ’90s.

The 2-door Wrangler does not sell great. I’ve seen it published that it’s about 40k units out of the 190k. A 2-door Bronco would be dead on arrival. That’s just reality. This Bronco (Everest) is what the Explorer should have evolved into. Instead, the Explorer was reinvented to meet market changes/demands. If Ford puts some removable panels in this Everest-based Bronco it will have a market. For those of us who want a 2-door Bronco like I do, there’s Auto Trader.”

Ford Everest

All of which are good points, of course. But at this point, we highly doubt the 2020 Ford Bronco will look anything like the Everest, based on what we know. Still, we want to know what you think. So head over here and tell us what you think the new Bronco will look like!


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