Front-End Loader ‘Evicts’ Ford F-150 from Property

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Ford F-150

This particular eviction didn’t involve legal notices or guys with mullets wearing sleeveless shirts.

We’ve heard of evictions, repossessions, and other legal forms of removing people/vehicles from properties. But those sorts of things usually involve official notices, tow trucks, and dudes with mullets wearing sleeveless shirts. What we’ve never seen is a front-end loader used to remove a Ford F-150 from someone’s private property. Or any other kind of farm equipment, for that matter. Until now, that is.

That’s exactly what happened to a poor ’06 Ford F-150 in Ossipee, New Hampshire, recently. According to New Hampshire, a man by the name of Edward Frank Evans wasn’t happy that the truck was sitting on the lot at his general contracting and excavation services business. The truck, which belongs to his nephew’s friend, had been sitting there all winter. Things escalated rather quickly after that.

After a heated exchange with his sister-in-law, Evans requested that the truck be removed on February 18. But the young man who purchased it was waiting for his father, who works for Evans, to do some work on the Ford F-150. Four days later, it was spotted (and recorded) by a man named Charles Ovi, who posted the video on his Facebook page. Except it wasn’t just driving down Route 16 – it was being “escorted” by a front-end loader. And not exactly in a friendly manner.

Thankfully, this story has somewhat of a happy ending. Evans is pleading guilty to felony criminal mischief, three misdemeanor counts of simple assault, and reckless operation. Unfortunately, it looks like the Ford F-150, which was in pretty good shape to begin with, didn’t make out so well. But let this serve as a lesson: If somebody tells you to get your truck off their property, you might want to listen!

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