’78 F-250 Is Pure ’70s Awesomeness

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1978 Ford F-250

Dust off those bell-bottom jeans and disco records, this authentic ’70s F-250 relic is a blast from the past.

The ’70s were undoubtedly one awesome decade. A time when the the free-loving ’60s blossomed into years of killer music and questionable fashion choices. Thankfully, the latter didn’t carry over to trucks. Aside from those shag-carpeted vans with wizards painted on the sides, that is. Otherwise, the ’70s were all about awesome trucks like this 1978 Ford F-250 we spotted at Worldwide Vintage Autos.

But this isn’t your average 6th gen F-250, mind you. This one sports an incredibly cool and incredibly freaky authentic ’70s paint job that’s truly one of a kind. And unlike many of the weird air brush jobs of this era, it actually holds up quite nicely today. Sure, time and the environment have done a little bit of a job on that artwork, but we’d argue the patina just makes it that much cooler.

1978 Ford F-250

And even if you take away the cool retro paint job, there’s plenty of other stuff to like about this F-250. A rather large 8-inch lift gives it quite the imposing stance. That extra space makes room for 39.5×13.5xR16 IROK Super Swampers, which obviously just adds to that effect. Power comes from a 351 that’s been treated to a four-barrel carb, headers, and dual exhaust.

The previous owner did recover the bench seat, but pretty much everything else was left as is. And for that, we’re rather thankful. After all, you don’t see ’70s relics like one every day. And with the exploding popularity of trucks from this era, that doesn’t figure to change. But while many collectors might strip off a unique paint job like this one in favor of something more original, we’re glad this disco-era F-250 is stayin’ alive!

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