Four-Wheeling in a 6-Door F-Series

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This video is so awesome, I’m still not sure if what I watched was real.  If I didn’t know any better, I could’ve sworn I was observing a computer-generated Tonka truck romping around, going up and down steep river banks and through a shallow stream.

It turns out I was wrong on both counts.  I was getting an eyeful of a very real Ford which was converted into a 6-door party rig by F650 Supertrucks.

The massive creation appears to be an Xtreme 6-Door, a $145,250 mixture of components typically associated with all of the big three domestic truck manufacturers.  A Blue Oval body.  A Cummins diesel (Dodge) with 325 horsepower and 800 lb-ft of torque hooked to an “Allison [Chevrolet] Rds 3000 series six speed double overdrive transmission.”

Two 900-amp batteries provide this beast its electric juice and twin 50-gallon fuel tanks provide it juice of the flammable variety.  Should you need to haul an aircraft carrier or a skyscraper, you’ll find the Class 5 tow package useful.

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