“My Daddy Told Me They Were Built Ford Tough” – Throwback Thursday

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Four family generations tell us why they chose Ford trucks over the competition. Hint: It’s not because of a silly TV ad!

Truck owners are among the most brand-loyal customers in the auto industry, often being influenced by their family and friends’ previous purchases more than anything else. Perhaps that’s why the Ford F-Series is the best-selling line of trucks in America for 40 years straight.

This week’s “Throwback Thursday” video comes to us courtesy of 31Mike, and it reinforces our previous claim. The 1977 TV commercial features four generations of the Rightmer family explaining why they bought their Ford trucks.


It begins with 18-year-old Clay Rightmer, who drives a Ford pickup because his daddy told him “they were built Ford Tough.” Almost immediately the camera pans to 42-year-old Harrell Rightmer, who states he bought a Ford truck because his daddy told him “they were built tough.” Then it’s 71-year-old Charles Rightmer, who explains that his daddy told him the same thing. Along the way, each one of the family members is shown with what we can presume is their own pickup.

Finally, it comes down to Clay’s grandaddy, 92-year-old Will Rightmer who quickly points out, “My daddy came to Texas in a coal wagon, so I had to learn about Ford trucks on my own.”

There are two different ways to market an item. One, it involves making the product exclusive and out-of-reach to consumers that everyone instinctively wants it. The other, it involves making the product so relatable, down-to-earth, and basically a no-brainer, that every family across the country desires to bring it home.

That, folks,  is how you become the best-selling line of trucks in America.

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