FTE Member Drives King Ranch, Instantly Falls in Love

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King Ranch

Trading up from XLT to King Ranch is a big deal, and one that comes with a hefty price tag. But is it really worth it?

Ask any Ford truck enthusiast what they love most about their trucks, and most of them will say it’s the legendary Ford reliability. After all, “Built Ford Truck” isn’t just a slogan, it’s a way of life.

Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why some folks have a hard time accepting today’s modern, luxurious, and expensive trucks. In some way, the fact that pickup trucks were once only used for heavy-duty jobs gets in the way of their new persona. But, like FTE forum member JeepPuller recently found out, all it takes is an open mind, a thorough test drive, and a healthy bank account to become a believer.

King Ranch

JeepPuller recently upgraded from a 2011 F-250 XLT to a 2017 F-250 King Ranch 4×4 CrewCab. Like most of our passionate members do, he documented his journey by kicking off the 2017 F-250 King Ranch CCSB forum thread. If you’re anything like us, all nine pages of this thread will bring a smile to your face. You’ll see why.

JeepPuller posts:

“One test drive and I was hooked. This truck rides way better than my 2011 F-250 did. I forgot how plush the King Ranch is. I have only just begun to study the owner’s manual to gain an understanding of the new features.

“This is not a fully optioned out King Ranch. For one, it does not have the moonroof, and I’m happy with that. The truck is White Platinum w/ Caribou Accent. I really like this color. Coming from my 2011 XLT, this is the lap of luxury for me. Beyond the standard items, the options are: 3.73 locking axle, chrome package w/18” wheels, roof clearance lights, upfitter switches, and tailgate step.

“Not sure what to do about a bed liner yet. I have always done Line-X, but I am wondering about the BedRug. I also want to get a Tonneau Cover soon and like the Access roll-up covers a lot.”

King Ranch

While he clearly states that his truck wasn’t loaded to the roof, it had enough niceties to make it very seductive. The proof is that he took the truck home, no? Funny enough, JeepPuller was teased a bit for his fancy upgrade. It escalated to the point that he hinted about being in the “doghouse.”

Like all good truck owners do, he immediately began shopping for accessories. In this case, he debated which brand bed liner and tonneau cover to get? Several fellow members like AMXDREAMER immediately chipped in.

“I went with the factory bedliner and will buy the Ford rubber mat to soften it up. Should help with the “soft on the knees” a little. It can be easily hosed off or swept and IMO looks good with “SUPER DUTY” embossed in it. Carpet just sounds to me like maintenance in the bed of a truck.”

King Ranch

Ultimately JeepPuller decided to go with the Access Tonneau cover and Line-X. Of course, that’s not where the shopping spree ended. Shortly thereafter, the proud new owner had already installed OEM mud flaps and even rocked a personalized King Ranch coffee cup. And check out the accommodations he made on the back for his pooches, which wizkid00104 inquired about: “Looks very cozy. How did it hold up to toenails?”

JeepPuller replied: “It holds up well because I laid a doubled-up wool blanket down. It has survived 8 trips of 3-plus hours each.”

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Jerry Perez is a regular contributor to Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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