Forget Power Rangers, a Convertible Ford SkyRanger is Total ’90s

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In today’s society the push for having your own personal style and look has grown tremendously. Everywhere you look, people are trying something different, reverting to old styles, or attempting to up the ante on current trends. Clothes and sneakers are a fine way to do that, but if you really want to stand out, look no further than the 1991 Ford SkyRanger.

As the compact truck game looks to make a resurgence with the GMC Canyon, Chevy Colorado, and constant rumors of the Ranger returning, you have the chance to buy something much more unique in this convertible kitted version of the Ford Ranger. Its history is scattered, but there were reportedly only 17 of these built, and this particular red ruby only has 7,300 miles.


Though the numbers were low, these loaded extended cab 4x4s were supposedly converted by ASC and sold through actual Ford dealerships. Aside from the drop top, the SkyRangers have aero kits (including the wing), that rear roll bar/hoop/loop, and amazing SkyRanger graphics along the sides. These were powered by a 4.0-liter V6 and ran with a 5-speed manual transmission. It’s listed at $25,000.

Note: An alternate story emerged as to how these were built:

“”Just for reference, these trucks were not built by ASC, they were developed and built by Bob Kaiser and my father at a company called Professional Auto Crafters. Also, they were not commissioned by Ford but rather they were built as a privately funded short run and pitched to Ford as a third party conversion to be sold on Ford dealer lots. (very much the same as ASC did with the Mustang, Dakota, Camaro, Etc.) Ford passed on the concept and that was the end of the SkyRanger and Professional Auto Crafters.”


I contacted the American Sunroof Corporation to ask some more questions. I was directed to a different company now called Signature Automotive Products. When I called there, I was informed that the ASC we’re talking about here was actually liquidated in 2002, and Signature simply acquired the sunroof portion, not the full convertible portion of the company. Neither of the people I talked to knew any additional information about the Skyranger. If you know and can prove the real story, let us know.

via [Craigslist via Jalopnik]

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