Forged Authority’s Tricks Make for a More Versatile Truck Bed

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Forged Authority Modular Truck Bed System

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For example, we all know your truck’s bed gets a huge workout. One day, it’s bags of mulch to spruce up your lawn. The next day, it’s a 3.5-liter EcoBoost from an F-150 Raptor you plan to drop in your new Mustang. And of course, your bed is filled with everything for the tailgate party come gameday. Dubuque, Iowa’s Forged Authority has a new way to make the most of your truck’s bed.

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Forged Authority Modular Truck Bed System

We’ve talked about Forged Authority’s Modular Truck Bed System before, but if you haven’t seen this yet, the system works via the company’s Modular Frame Rail “that is slender in profile and rests on your truck bed header,” which “allows you to attach various attachments from Forged Authority to suit your adventure.”

Forged Authority Modular Truck Bed System

Once attached with the included hardware to your 2000 to present Ford truck, Forged Authority has accessories for any adventure requiring your bed, including easy-to-move toolboxes, tire chocks for motorcycles, chairs for tailgating, fishing rod holders, and on and on and on. Everything attaches to the frame rail, and can easily be removed so you can have more room for more bags of mulch.

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