Kick it Old-School With This Dark Forest Green 1966 Ford F-100

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Dark Forest Green is a color that enjoyed profound success in the 90’s. It seemed like every other Explorer you saw on the road was painted in the dark green hue, but the popularity of the color on automobiles has faded greatly since.


You can get a new F-150 in dark green today, but for whatever reason not a whole lot of people opt for the color on new or old vehicles these days. But when you lay your eyes on this gorgeous forest green 1966 F-100, it’s hard to see why. This isn’t some neon color or avocado green that went out in the disco era.


In this case the paint is just as flawless as the body panels it has been applied to. All of the chrome and trim is in fantastic condition as well, and a set of classy steel wheels with hubcaps add a little more bling to the equation.


The greenness continues inside with white accents to break things up a bit. Most everything is essentially original, including the 352 engine and 3-speed automatic transmission, save for a couple of aftermarket gauges. Mileage is unknown but the truck has undoubtedly received at least a cosmetic restoration.

After laying eyes on this super fine ’66, it’s safe to say that we need to bring dark forest green back.  The preferred color of the 90’s is long overdue for a comeback, especially on classic Ford trucks.

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