This is What Ford’s Utility Trucks in Ghana Look Like

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Have you ever seen what the vehicles, specifically the Ford utility trucks, in Ghana look like? Have you ever wondered what they look like? Probably not, but we’re here to show you anyway, because Ford just released some updated, “smarter” versions of its utility line over there. That includes things like dump trucks, construction and cement trucks, sewage trucks, and other heavy duty vehicles.


The semi-trailer trucks were the first to get the update a while ago, so those have already been sporting the new look. But this is the first time this new line of trucks has been seen with their new mugs. The more attractive panda faces aren’t the main focus, however, capabilities and efficiency are.

The main improvements focus on making the chassis stronger, making the vehicles more safe, and getting better gas mileage. The safety features include emergency braking, lane-keep and lane-departure, immobilizers to prevent theft, as well as a limiter that automatically braces and slows the vehicle in poor conditions.


According to Head of International Markets Ercan Emrah Duman, fuel consumption is of primary concern with these types of vehicles.

“We are always looking for every opportunity to reduce the fuel consumption,” he said. “Even as we launch these models, our engineering team is still working on ideas for the future models on how to reduce the fuel consumption because we believe that every single gram of fuel is important to our customers.”

Now you know.

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