Ford’s Recalling More Than 432K Vehicles Because They Might Not Shut Off

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I hate to say it, but Ford’s issuing another recall, according to MSN Autos. This time, it’s because the body control module in 432,096 vehicles in North America may not allow the engine to shut off, even when you turn your key to the “off” position and remove it, or press the Engine Start/Stop button.

The models under this recall are as follows:

-Certain 2015 Focus vehicles built at the Michigan Assembly Plant from June 17, 2014, through June 12, 2015

-Certain 2015 C-MAX vehicles built at the Michigan Assembly Plant from April 22, 2014, through June 12, 2015

-Certain 2015 Escape vehicles built at the Louisville Assembly Plant from April 1, 2014, through June 12, 2015


The bulk of the affected Blue Ovals, 374,781, are in the United States and its territories. Our upstairs neighbors in Canada have another 52,180 of them. Our downstairs neighbors in Mexico have the remaining 5,135. Ford stated it’s “not aware of any accidents or injuries associated with this issue.”

If you end up finding out you have one of the above vehicles, you’ll be able to have your dealer update your body control module’s software for free.

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