Fords Are Now the Official Trucks of the NFL

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A couple weeks ago, the NFL announced that it was ditching Chevrolet and going with Hyundai as its new official car sponsor of America’s favorite league, but there was a small opening that Hyundai’s $50 million deal left: trucks. Unlike Chevy’s exclusive deal, Hyundai’s was strictly for cars, and now, Ford has snuck into that door and is the league’s new official truck sponsor. Though no price has been announced, Ford says the deal is for three years.

Ford-NFL-Times-Square“America’s truck leader is teaming up with organizers of the nation’s favorite sport to put the spotlight on fans and players who show toughness, smarts and determination on and off the field, and who deserve to be recognized for that,” says Mark LaNeve, Ford Motor Company vice president, U.S. marketing, sales and service. “Both brands – each a leader in its category and known for toughness, capability, excellence and innovation – are coming together to give fans exclusive access to events and games, and to highlight players in a new way.”

Mark-LaNeve-NFL-Commissioner-Roger-GoodellFord is making the most of the partnership with several arms to this deal, starting immediately (as in, today). If you live in New York City, you can currently order “Built Ford Tough Tailgate Trucks on Demand.” Uber will send over a branded F-Series for ordering tailgate food or merchandise. This is a promotion that will run in various cities on gamedays throughout the year.

Additionally, Ford will offer a “Built Ford Tough Offensive Line of the Week” award to a team that demonstrates stellar play that week. Former NFL offensive lineman and NFL Network and analyst Shaun O’Hara will be in charge of that little trinket.

Amidst all the terrible press the NFL has been getting for various issues with violence, drugs, and other legal problems, this new partnership could be seen as great or awful, depending on who you are. Either way, Ford is going to get massive exposure from this.

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