Ford’s new 2009 F150 Revealed!

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By Ken Payne

2009 F150 Notes:

Here it is, the long anticipated 2009 F150. I received a sneak peak at the new F150 several weeks ago and it looks like Ford has another winner.
While this model is not a complete redesign, significant improvements and changes have been made.

Will the improvements along with a new design be enough to hold off the competition? At the time this article was written
Ford had not yet released horsepower and torque specifications. All they would tell us were that big improvements had been made while
sporting big grins all around. The muscle car horsepower wars of the 60s and 70s came to life again
in the 1990s and 2000s, and its critical for Ford to beat the new Dodge’s 380 HP. Let’s hope they do.

Those hoping to see a diesel included in the 2009 line-up will be disappointed. Additionally, Ford is dropping both the V6 and manual transmission options.
While this is bad news for some, power improvements and 3 V8 options, along with the new 6 speed automatic transmission will win over others.

Following is a list of notes from my preview. Expect to see more details, specifications and photos published over the next few days as more information is released.

  • Base truck (work force) continues to be the XL and the top of the line is the Platinum.
  • New user friendly step built into tail-gate as option.
  • Best towing technology. Trailer controller not only applies brakes during towing, but also combines state of the art anti-sway technology.
    Both the truck and the trailers brakes are applied when the computer detects sway.
  • Engine line-up (all V8): 4.6L 2-valve V8 ___HP and ___ ft/lbs torque, 4.6L 3-valve V8 ___HP and ___ ft/lbs torque, 5.4L 3-valve V8 ___HP and ___ ft/lbs torque.
  • All automatic 6 speed transmissions with a 1 mpg improvement over the prior 4 speed.
  • No manual transmission option. Take rate on prior model was under 1%.
  • Diesel will be available for the 2010 model.
  • Sync technology is available as an option.
  • Deceleration fuel shut off is better, helping with deceleration and fuel economy.
  • Reduced idle speed improves fuel economy.
  • Newly designed engine mounts with a higher rubber content provide a smoother ride and better isolation.
  • Better alternator.
  • Improved structure which holds the instrument panel and steering column.
  • Improved sound absorbing.
  • Available trim models (lowest to highest): XL, STX, XLT, FX4, Lariat, King Ranch and Platinum.
  • Super Duty like grill.
  • New headlights and taillights.
  • Factory headers.
  • New emblems.
  • New throttle body (not 100% sure on this, I only saw it briefly.)
  • Frame improvements such as moving the leaf springs 3 inches forward for better ride.
  • Better front crash performance.
  • Increased use of high strength steel over previous model.
  • Reduced weight over previous model (amount varies depending on configuration and options).
  • Retuned control arm bushings for better ride.
  • High front of hood for stronger look.
  • Bigger fender flares.
  • New 4×4 decal.
  • Center of hood is depressed.
  • New crease across hood line to top of door.
  • Disk brakes on model I viewed had drilled disk brakes.
  • Logos are larger.
  • Design took just 2 years.
  • Over 18,000 virtual checks on parts before they were built.
  • Over 7,000 checks using virtual people to simulate assembly process.
  • Represents the most extensive use of digital tools for Ford to present date.
  • Back of bed flares towards front.
  • New tail-lights with chrome/steel surround.
  • New tailgate design with 3 style lines to break up the large flat look of previous model.
  • Top of tailgate has slight spoiler look.
  • Super Duty styled interior.
  • Bigger interior vents.
  • Improved safety with new side air bags and side air curtains.
  • Sony Premium stereo with voice activated navigation.
  • New dual zone climate controls.
  • USB port in center console for connecting digital devices.
  • Navigation system has the ability to direct you to the gas station with the lowest fuel price.
  • Super Crew now features more room in the back. 57.6 cubic feed of cargo space behind front seat.
  • Rear floor pan is now completely flat and will accommodate a 52 inch hi-def TV.
  • Interior is more squared compared to current model.
  • XLT features metal speaker grills.
  • Lariat wood trim features a lighter color than previous models.
  • New center console and center dash.
  • Polished aluminum wheels on the platinum. A truck all about the big city.
  • Rear seating area features 6 more inches of room.
  • Supercrew cab is 6 inches longer than previous model.
  • B-pillar has been moved back reducing the blind spot and improving visibility.
  • Rear seat features lift assist to make raising the seat easier.
  • New hooks under rear seat for securing cargo.
  • Under rear seat storage space.
  • Platinum edition features real metal and real brush aluminum interior trim.
  • Platinum edition: black and brown interior.
  • Trucks feature black and brown interior, or stone and brown interiors.
  • Overhead console now built into headliner.
  • Bed divider option to split loads.
  • Bed storage bins option.
  • Water cooled bins available.
  • Review hitch and backup mirror option.
  • Towing brake controller option.
  • Extending mirror option, similar to Super Duty extending mirrors.
  • Yaw tow control is standard on all models.
  • Tweeters built into A-pillar (not sure if this is all models).
  • Big door storage areas, similar to Super Duty door storage.
  • 11 different wheel styles.
  • FX4 has new wrench style wheels.
  • No 22″ wheels. 20″ is the largest size.
  • A Harley Davidson Edition is in the works and will be announced.
  • No comment from Ford concerning plans for a new Lightning.
  • Bed height and depth problems (in my opinion) still exist.
  • Step-bed optional on all models.
  • Foldable bed extender which flips in both directions is available.
  • Cargo management system holds up to 600lbs compared to competitors 250 lbs.
  • Styling queues were borrowed from the Super Chief concept truck.
  • Platinum has retractable side and bed steps. These appear to be units from AMP.
  • Depressed rear seat belts provide easier access.
  • New capless fuel system.
  • Improved hood insulator.
  • Improved sound absorbing head liner.
  • Dual horns.
  • New frame piece across radiator.
  • Safest F150 ever made.
  • New front crash absorbing technology borrowed from Super Duty.
  • Hydro-formed cab tubing adds structural integrity to cab.
  • All new seats.
  • All new restraint system.
  • Much improved 5.4L horsepower.
  • New dual zone mirrors with wide angle bottom.
  • 2009 F150 Images. Click any image for a full size image.

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