Ford’s Going All Out For Frankfurt Auto Show

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Ford Motor Company is set to put on an exciting display for the bi-annual Frankfurt Auto Show. With a 34,500 square foot indoor setup and an additional 30,000 square foot outdoor track, it’s the biggest showcase Ford has ever put together for Frankfurt. Rather than simply putting its vehicles on a pedestal, Ford will preview some of its most innovative new technologies to Frankfurt car enthusiasts with unique hands-on experiences.


Ford is taking over a complete indoor floor in Hall 9 of the Frankfurt Auto Show. Here the carmaker will showcase some of its new vehicle offerings, as well as new automotive technologies. Additionally, Ford is setting up a complete outdoor test track where enthusiasts can experience firsthand some of Ford’s innovative driver’s features, such as Active Park Assist (APA) and Active City Stop (ACS). These features cater to city drivers who face difficult parking scenarios and unpredictable stop-and-go traffic.

Sensory Labs

In addition to a conventional vehicle display, Ford is setting up sensory labs to engage green car enthusiasts. These labs will feature sensory experiments to exemplify some of the convenience and environmental features offered on new Ford vehicles. For example, a touch display will include a haptic pen and virtual display so that enthusiasts can experience some of the same ergonomic development methods used by Ford engineers. A smell display will mimic typical outdoor conditions experienced while driving, with a pollen-scrubbing filter exemplifying Ford’s cabin air-filtering technology. With its sensory labs, Ford is really reaching out to give users a hands-on preview of some of its innovative technologies and development processes.

New Releases

Ford is planning to unveil four new releases for the global car market at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Included will be the Ford Evos ““ a sporty, fastback sedan concept that features gull-wing doors and a plug-in hybrid powertrain. Another exciting preview will be the latest version of the performance-oriented Ford Focus offering, the Focus ST. The ST model Focus will feature Ford’s turbocharged 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine producing 246 horsepower, while also offering improved fuel economy over the previous generation Focus ST. The efficient 2.0-liter EcoBoost is being incorporated into multiple other Ford offerings, including the 2012 Explorer and Edge.

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