Ford’s Breakthrough Clean Diesel Technology Receives Top Engineering Innovation Award

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  • Ford Clean Diesel Technology® will debut on the 2008 Super Duty F-Series, making it the cleanest, quietest diesel ever offered by Ford in a pickup. Similar advanced technology is also being applied to models sold in Europe and Asia.
  • Other awards were presented to teams that developed a new collision warning system; new higher quality and environmentally friendly paint process and several technologies used on the Ford GT.
  • The Henry Ford Technology Award – given to those who achieve the highest level of technical innovation – was awarded to 60 researchers, engineers and scientists Tuesday night. In its 26 th year, the HFTA was established as part of Ford’s effort to provide greater attention and recognition of exceptional technical contributions by employees.
  • Dr. Davor Hrovat named Henry Ford Technical Fellow – the most prestigious technical expert position in Ford Motor Company.

Dearborn, Mich. Sept. 20 – A group of Ford scientists who developed a breakthrough technology that will usher into the automotive world a new era of clean diesel engines are among the recipients of the coveted Henry Ford Technology Award for 2006.

These scientists were among the 60 researchers, engineers and scientists who gathered Tuesday night to receive the Henry Ford Technology Award (HFTA), an honor given to those who achieve the highest level of technical innovation at Ford Motor Company. Now in its 26 th year, the HFTA was established as part of Ford’s effort to provide greater attention and recognition of exceptional technical contributions by employees.

“Big innovations are the key to turning around Ford Motor Company," said Mark Fields, executive vice president and president of the Americas, Ford Motor Company. "Our goal is not just to compete, but to change the basis of competition by coming out with great innovations – the kind that are so relevant to the lives of their users they bring new customers to a market. People never imagined them; wouldn’t ask for them and afterwards, can’t figure out how they lived without them”

The 2008 Super Duty F-Series pickup is one such example. Under the hood of the upcoming Super Duty is an all-new 6.4-liter V-8 diesel that will be the cleanest, quietest diesel engine ever put into a Ford pickup. This achievement is the result of the new Ford Clean Diesel Technology® – a system of advanced technologies that includes an advanced diesel particulate filter that helps the new engine deliver particulate emissions similar to a gasoline engine.

In addition to the clean diesel technology, additional innovations selected for Henry Ford Technology Awards this year include:

  • Collision warning and mitigation by braking technology used on the new Volvo S80 and Ford S-max sold in Europe. The technology uses sensors to detect an impending collision and then warns the driver and applies the brakes to reduce the severity of an impeding crash.
  • An e-coat paint process perfected by Mazda that reduces paint waste and environmental impact by allowing a more uniform and consistent quality coating of paint to be applied to parts. This paint process uses electric energy to attract paint particles to a part, minimizing waste and overspray.
  • Development of the strong, lightweight aluminum spaceframe and the superformed aluminum body-in-white for the Ford GT supercar, breakthroughs that enabled the car to be brought to market in record time.

Since the inception of the Henry Ford Technology Award program in 1981, Ford Motor Company has recognized 445 new technologies and the 1,129 people involved in their technical development. These contributions have had tremendous bearing on the Company’s operations.

On a broader scope, they have also impacted government regulations and customer satisfaction. These advancements have influenced both the automotive and non-automotive sectors.

The Henry Ford Technology Award is a hand sculpted and polished stainless steel flame mounted on a black acrylic base. The flame is symbolic of professional excellence – and superior accomplishment. Like the ‘flame’, which has become such an integral part of the Olympic Games, this award recognizes the highest level of technical achievement within Ford Motor Company

New Henry Ford Technical Fellow Named

The event also provided the company the opportunity to honor its 12th "Ford Technical Fellow," which is the highest individual recognition one can receive at Ford Motor Company in the technical side of the business. The honor went to Dr. Davor Hrovat, a leading automotive control systems expert at Ford and past recipient of the Henry Ford Technology Award.

During his 25-year career at Ford, Davor has authored more than 50 U.S. patents His contributions range from work on Advance Trac with Roll Stability Control, hybrid electric vehicle drivability and fuel cell powertrain controls. Davor was recently inducted into the National Academy of Engineering, which is among the highest professional distinctions for engineers.

"Simply put, Davor is a leader who goes beyond the boundaries of any assignment and has a consistent record of mentoring others in the company," said Richard Parry-Jones, Ford group vice president and chief technical officer. "Davor is helping to develop not only a new generation of technical expertise, but future leaders, as well."

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